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Forum » Allgemein » Off-Topic » the NFC East’s playoff participant isn’t

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the NFC East’s playoff participant isn’t

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# 21.10.2020 - 11:10:07

We’re six weeks into this NFL season. We’ve seen enough
Online Cigarettes Store USA so far to start making some broad-strokes judgments, analyses that rely on data rather than gut feelings. And it’s in that spirit that I offer this utterly logical take:
It’s time to fire the entire NFC East into the sun.
No, I’m serious. Pack ‘em all in. Dallas, Philly, the Giants, Washington — load ‘em up and shoot ‘em into orbit. Forfeit all the rest of their games — it’s not like they were going to win much of them anyway — and give their playoff spot to, I don’t know, Alabama or something.
This is a division that’s incompetent (New York), infuriating (Washington), indecisive (Phiiladelphia) and incomprehensible (Dallas). New York
Online Cigarettes Store USA appears utterly directionless; Washington is just a swampy mess that not even Ron Rivera can clean up; Philadelphia has suffered through decimating injuries; and Dallas clearly lost its heart and soul when it lost Dak Prescott. All four teams combined have five wins. That’s the same as the Seahawks, Bears, Steelers, Ravens, Titans and Chiefs. Again: the Chicago Bears have won as many games this year as the entire NFC East.

The division is a combined 5-18-1. To get the division above. 500, every single member of the NFC East would have to win every single game from now to Week 11, in mid-December.

Outside the division, the NFC East teams have only two wins: Newport box 100s cigarettes Dallas over Atlanta, which was a gift from the Falcons, and Philly with a five-point victory over San Francisco, which is 3-3 on the season. Yes, the best opponent anyone in the division has beaten doesn’t even have a winning record.

The NFC East is the only division in football that is completely underwater — in other words, every team has totaled fewer points on the year than their opponents. The average point differential across the division for the season is -46. The Eagles are the “best” of this bunch, and even they have scored 34 fewer points than their opponents.

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