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Forum » Allgemein » Off-Topic » Adsorptive performance of coal based ac

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Adsorptive performance of coal based ac

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# 20.01.2021 - 03:20:08

Adsorptive performance of coal based magnetic activated carbon for perfluorinated compounds from treated landfill leachate effluentsb
[url=https://www.coalactivatedcarbon.com/]coal activated charcoal powder[/url]Coal based powder Magnetic activated carbon (MAC) were prepared, characterized and used successfully for adsorption of PFCs in treated landfill leachate effluents. The morphologies and surface chemistries of MAC were studies by N2 gas adsorption isotherms, SEM, and Lakeshore 7300 vibrating sample magnetometer. The surface areas (SBET), the Langmuir surface area (SLangmuir), the micropore volume and the total pore volume of MAC were calculated according to the corresponding N2 isotherms. Batch adsorption studies were performed at different adsorption dosage and contact time. With 8 g/150 mL adsorption dosage and 120 min contact time, after adsorption by MAC, the removal efficiencies of PFHxA, PFHpA, PFOA, PFNA and PFDoA in leachate samples can reach 72.8–89.6%, respectively. The MAC can be recycled by the high-intensity magnetic separators. The optimal regeneration time for ultrasonic is 4 h.[url=https://www.granular-activated-carbon.com/]granular activated carbon suppliers uk[/url]
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