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coatings of titania and alumina

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# 21.01.2021 - 08:13:09

Structure and mechanical properties of plasma sprayed coatings of titania and alumina
The paper concerns the use of traditional and depth-sensing indentation (DSI) for investigation of deposits produced from powders based on conventional and nano-sized particles by plasma spray technology.[url=https://www.hslabrasive.com/]visit hslabrasive.com[/url]
Plasma sprayed coatings of titania and alumina were studied. Polished cross-section of each coating was prepared and matrices of nano-indents with Berkovich tip were applied onto both materials to explore local elastic behavior. Applied load was in the range of mN to create indents with the same size scale as the thickness of splats—the main building units of the coating. The hardness value as well as the load/unload curve for each indent was stored. Titania coating was sprayed from a novel type of nanoscale-size powder agglomerated to particles useful for plasma spraying, whereas fused and crushed conventional powder was utilized for alumina spraying and for titania coating used as reference. The effect of annealing on elastic properties of titania was studied as well. [url=https://www.hslabrasive.com/products/fused-alumina/]alumina fused[/url]The values of elastic parameters as well as the character of the coating inhomogeneity seem to reflect: (i) the composition of material and the fabrication technique and (ii) microstructural differences between coatings that are partly inherited from the feedstock powders. The results of DSI tests are discussed also in comparison with common technique used for the investigation of plasma coatings hardness—Vickers microhardness measurement.
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