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Activated carbon thin-layer placement as

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# 21.01.2021 - 08:15:55

The efficacy of thin layer in situ soil amendments was tested as a potential tool for methylmercury (MeHg) risk mitigation in Penobscot River, ME, salt marsh. Salt marshes are sites of high MeHg accumulation within the Penobscot, and key targets for remediation. The study was a fully-crossed small plot study, with four treatments ([url=https://www.yrdcarbon.com/]www.yrdcarbon.com[/url]activated carbon (AC), biochar, FeCl2, and lime) and unamended controls at two sites. Plots were monitored for two years. Porewater MeHg concentrations were the main endpoint, with impacts on sediment biogeochemistry as a secondary study goal. AC-based SediMite™ was effective in reducing MeHg, and to a less extent total Hg, in surficial pore waters. AC reduced MeHg concentrations by >90% at the one month time point, and continued to significantly reduce pore water MeHg through about a year. AC was less effective in reducing total Hg in pore water, yielding about 70% reduction at one month, and 50-65% reduction at 8months. Biochar provided lower, and more variable reduction in porewater MeHg, but was not effective in reducing total Hg. Biochar amendment also increased soil MeHg.[url=https://www.yrdcarbon.com/products/activated-carbon/]activated carbon pellets bulk[/url] Neither FeCl2 nor lime amendments reduced pore water Hg or MeHg levels. About 50% of AC treatment applied as SediMite™ pellets was retained in marsh soils after one year. This study is one of the first field trials of in situ amendment for MeHg remediation. Our results show that thin-layer AC placement is a potential remediation tool for Hg risk to biota, especially in marshes where net MeHg accumulation is often strong.
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